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Playback and Modifying Measurement Data

Basic knowledge for playback of measurement data and identification/changing orders

When evaluating results, not only the visual analysis of measurement data plays an important role but also the auditory impression. PAK therefore offers you an extensive range of audio functions: From simple, monaural and binaural playback of data to sound design and automated hearing comparison in the auditorium.

The training starts with an application example that illustrates the use of PAK audio functions in engineering. The training then introduces you to the handling of PAK playback functions at the individual workstation and points out the various options for settings for playback. Correct, calibrated playback plays an important role in this.

You will learn how to use the audio design in PAK to interactively change your data as you listen, e.g. by attenuating or amplifying orders and resonances.

Selected training contents

  • Introductory example for the application of PAK audio functions in engineering
  • Playback with the PAK data view and the PAK graphics
  • Basic audio options
  • Playback online
  • Correct hearing reproduction via headphones
  • Audio design: level changes using frequency and order filters, changes of sounds by adjusting to the target sound
  • Comparison of several measurements with the hearing comparison


  • PAK basic course and knowledge of the function of filters (FIR, IIR filters).
  • Course language: German


  • PAK users who want to learn and use the basics of listening to measurement data and audio design in PAK

Seminar dates

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