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Rotational Analysis

High-resolution rpm measurement, analysis of rotational irregularities, angle-related analyses

Are you interested in a highly accurate order analysis of rotational phenomena? Or would you like to investigate angle-related events, such as the cylinder pressure curve of an engine?

We will show you how different speed-related analyses are carried out in PAK. Learn to determine relevant orders on a high-resolution speed signal using digital order tracking or to optimally and display angle-related events using the PAK Crank Angle module.

If you want to use special applications such as torsional vibration or combustion analysis, PAK offers you a suitable solution. Familiarize yourself with it during the training.

Selected training contents

    • Basics and problems of rpm measurements
    • Settings for Tacho channels
    • Torsional and torsional vibration analysis
    • Crank Angle analysis
    • Order analysis
    • Combustion analysis


  • PAK basic course
  • Course language: German


  • PAK users who carry out rpm-related evaluations

Seminar dates

On request; please contact us.