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Release of PAK pass-by 3.3

With PAK pass-by 3.3, you may test even more productively: We have improved tools, provided new functionalities, updated standards and connected PAK cloud for measurement data management.

Highlights of the version include …

  • PAK cloud connection: Measurement data generated with PAK pass-by can be stored directly in the PAK cloud depot service, where the data can be easily searched, filtered and shared.
  • Advanced graphic evaluation: The new Advanced Graphic Evaluation broadens the possibilities for comparing measurement data while ensuring an unmatched level of user comfort. Driving and construction conditions of vehicles as well as entire measurement sessions of a single or group of regulations can be efficiently compared with each other just by a mouse click. Users may create dedicated reports for an entire order.
  • Digital Bus support: Besides the already supported bus types CAN, CAN FD and OBD, PAK pass-by 3.3 can store and decode FlexRay™ raw data.
  • Extended group and company standards for an even more efficient testing
  • Enhanced user comfort featuring … e.g. Quick order access, PowerPoint® support, Fingerprints in reports
  • New regulation implementations … compressed air measurement according to UN R51.03 Revision 3 Annex 5, COP pass-by measurements according to UN R51.03 Revision 3 Supplement 6 Annex 6, interior noise measurements with standstill vehicles according to GB/T 18697-2002 and DIN ISO 5128


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On March 11, 2021 @ 9-11 h (CET), we are hosting a free of charge Online Forum (language: German) introducing the highlights of PAK pass-by 3.3. Register now