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Designing measurement systems to fit precisely

Integrated solutions are crucial for efficient measurements. Your measurement systems can be supplemented with sophisticated accessories for the respective measurement task. Through easy handling and strong services, we offer you even more comfort and tailor your system completely to your individual needs.


Various suitcases with variable inlets and a trolley backpack are available for the various frontends for a safe transport.


Racks and panels support clean cabling and guarantee a space-saving operation of the measurement systems.

Boards, Switches & Submodules

Various boards, switches or submodules offer the right connection for sensors and an optimal signal distribution.

Docking Station

DockQ not only guarantees secure upload and download of your MicroQ data. At the same time, the batteries are charged so that your frontend is ready for use again quickly.


The m|multimic is the microphone array for the spatial level averaging at the driver’s head. It allows for a purposeful acoustic vehicle evaluation through a significant reduction of the confidence range for frequencies from 500 Hz upwards and an optimal ratio between the number of microphones and the recorded sound field. 

m|multimic is a patent and product of Müller-BBM Acoustic Solutions GmbH.