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To verify a turbine in a flying testbed or an aircraft under operating conditions for reliability, performance and maturity, flight tests are an essential part thorough the entire test program. The test requires ruggedized DAQ units designed for harsh environments (including featuring a temperature range of -45°C / +85°C, being waterproof, shock, and vibration resistant as well as shielded against lightning and EMI/EMC). In addition, smart software tools connecting data while analyzing them on the fly are needed.


We have kept on pushing our network-based testing approach even further by utilizing the IENA communication protocol @ PAK live. 
PAK live creates vendor-independent, interdisciplinary solutions to connect data sources and applications at their best. Smart data networks, live.networks, are the core to boost development speed and quality. All data are dynamically available in real time for the various demanding tasks.
PAK live connects the leading specialized DAQ units for the flight test, such as Safran XMA Series or Kulite KMPS, with the comprehensive analysis capabilities of MBBM-VAS’ PAK software – at the highest data rate, precisely PTP synchronized. The DAQ units are connected via the IENA protocol. PAK live is reading and writing IENA based data.
Users exploit the full data set to process and evaluate the data interdisciplinary and context-based according to their needs.
In addition to the IENA communication protocol support, PAK live features the iDDS protocol and other common third-party interfaces.
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