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Details for the Calibration Campaign

Calibration campaign en detail

For the maintenance of your measurement system and to maintain its measurement accuracy, we recommend a regular calibration of your measurement system. For this purpose, we offer you the possibility to register your system(s) or individual modules or SC4X boards for calibration at any time with us in Planegg. In addition, we will be carrying out a calibration campaign in Planegg between 25 July and 05 August 2022.

If you would like to participate this calibration campaign, please send us the web-read of the frontend to be calibrated including the serial number of the frontend until 1 July 2022. If the serial number is not accessible, you can optionally provide us with the name of the frontend used internally by you, if it is printed on the respective frontend. After checking the system data, we will send you promptly a quotation. In order to schedule the calibration services most efficiently, we would very much appreciate, if you could place your order before 15 July 2022.

We will then arrange for the exact date of your system(s) to be calibrated if required. Please, also make sure your hardware arrives at MBBM-VAS 2 - 3 days before the agreed date in order to avoid any delays.

You can also send in your PAK MKII or MicroQ for calibration at any time. We will then coordinate the dates and execution with you individually.

DAKKS or DKD accredited calibration services require a special arrangement.

You can send us your calibration request online. Please do not hesitate to contact the PAK hotline for any further questions regarding the calibration at +49 89 264860-440.