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PAK 6.0 : Cursor Range & diagram labels

PAK Tip 149 - September 2021

PAK Tip 149 - Cursor range & diagram labels
Download (pdf, 1 MB)

The purpose of this PAK Tip is to present two new features in PAK 6.0:
an available graphical variable “cursor range” and the “diagram labels” function.


This graphic variable allows using a double cursor to display a calculation result between the cursor limits.

We thus have the possibility of having access to:
- the global level in the “Bandpass-Level” band,
- the quadratic mean “Square Average”,
- the “Linear Average” linear average,
- the “Minimum” and “Maximum” extremes.

They can be found in the Graphic definition / Calculation category in the list of graphic variables, under the labels “crange_level”, “crange_average”, “crange_minimum” and “crange_maximum”.


From the “Graphic Definition”, we set a curve to display.
For this example we have a “Sum level” from an “APS” according to the RPM.

Using a right click in the diagram area, we use the “Diagram labels” mode.
This will allow you to create a label directly connected to the diagram concerned.

In this label, we will use the graphic variables in a classic way.

In this example, we will create an array using different variables including “crange”.

The whole PAK Tip 149 is available by downloading the pdf:

PAK Tip 149 - Cursor range & diagram labels
Download (pdf, 1 MB)


What to expect in your next PAK Tip:
"New features in PAK 6.0"

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